Review of Huawei Honor 3C In Malaysia [Video]

When it comes to smartphones, we would seldom think of brands from China but recently things have changed. With the entrance of brands like Huawei, XiaoMi or even Oppo into the market, one can hardly escape from hearing news about them or even seeing their shops/booths pop up in malls.

Huawei has been in Malaysia for a few years now and they have been releasing the Ascend series into our market all these while but just a month ago, they introduced a new series called HONOR and their latest device, the HONOR 3C is really a powerpacked smartphone at a super affordable price.

I’ve got it a while back and has been using it every now and then. Here’s a review of Huawei’s latest device in Malaysia, the Honor 3C.

The Honor 3C comes with a 5-inch 720p HD screen, 5MP front camera, 8MP back camera, dual-sim, 1.3Ghz quadcore processor and a 2300mAH battery. With all these latest hardware in a solid body, the 3C only costs RM499 at their online store. That’s a real bargain for a smartphone like this.


At first glance, the front of the phone resembles the Sony Xperia Z series. Full glass top to bottom with a dark frame bezel around the screen. Once I held it in my hands, I thought to myself, ‘wow this is a really solid phone’, and it really is!
Having silver buttons on the side gives it a premium-ish feeling and the colour back casings brings out the fun part of the phone which appeals very much to the younger crowd.


The screen is amazing. For a device at this price point, I have nothing to complain about. Colours are vibrant and saturated. Images and texts are sharp. Viewing angle is superb. I was surprised that the screen is this good when I first laid my eyes on the 3C.

Here’s a photo of the screen, viewing a photo from the gallery app.


The interface is called EMUI, short for ‘Emotion UI’. It’s Huawei’s own skin for the Android platform. Icons have rounded corners and menu panels feels a little bit like the HTC’s Sense UI. One thing I do not like about the interface is the lack of a button to access the app drawer. Basically there is no app drawer and all the apps you install will be placed on the homescreen. I think what they are trying to do here is to mimic the iOS interface whereby all icons are placed on the front. All you have to do is just swiping left or right to find the icon you need. I seriously don’t like this. The solution is simple. One can install a 3rd party launcher and it solves this problem instantly. My favorite launcher is Nova. You can check it out on the Play Store.

Once thing about these phones from China. They have a theme-changer app that allows users to change the outlook of the interface, icons and wallpaper with just a simple tap. A normal user might be satisfied with this customization but a more advanced user will definitely find this feature unneccessary.


For a phone that costs RM499, the camera is considered really good. Note that I’m talking about the back camera here. Users can tap to focus, change basic camera settings and photos usually turn out good unless it’s in a low light situation whereby one might need to take the same photo 2-3 times in order to make sure the subject is in focus.

The front camera is amazing. To be honest, this is the first device I’ve used that comes with a 5MP front cam. Haha! Perfect for those who love taking selfies.

Here are some sample photos taken using the Honor 3C. Click to enlarge.


One of the most popular accessories for the Honor 3C is definitely the colour cases. Including black and white, the 3C has a total of 6 colours but the phone only comes with either the white or black case so if you want colours like Yellow, Pink or Tiffany Blue, you will have to purchase it separately.

So if you are interested in getting this phone for RM499, do check out

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