Lenovo Vibe Z In Malaysia [Review Pt.2]

This is part 2 review of the Lenovo Vibe Z. Click here for part 1.

In this article, we will be looking at softwares, camera and size comparison of this 5.5-inch device.


The Vibe Z is pre-loaded with Android 4.3, and some of its own apps together (Lenovo DOit series of apps). You can’t find the home button for accessing the app drawer as there is none. Hence, all apps are placed on the home screen, just like on iOS.

Whole bundle of Google Apps comes together in one folder which is convenient as we don’t have to install it one by one for apps such as Youtube, Google Drive, Chrome and Maps. Some other Android apps also come pre-installed including Evernote, Accuweather, Facebook, Skype, Twitter, UC Brower, Route 66 Navi+ Maps and Kingsoft Office.

Lenovo’s new DOit series of apps let you and your device do more. Share photos, apps, video and other data with any compatible device, off network, with SHAREit.
Protect your phone from viruses, spam and malware with SECUREit.
Backup or restore your contacts, message data and call logs with SYNCit.
Enjoy multiple photo shooting modes with SNAPit and you can edit and organize your photos with SEEit.

The keyboard looks very much like the stock Android one. Auto correct works well here and users can manually teach and remove words from the autocorrect with just simple taps. One thing though, the backspace button is not snappy enough. When I tap on it quickly, some of the taps were not registered and it’s seriously annoying.


The 13MP shooter produces great quality photos. With aperture of F1.8, low light photos are a lot better than most of the Android devices out there. Id say it’s quite on par with the S5. Colours are vibrant and contrast is high. When compared to the LG G2, the Vibe Z produces noisier photos under low light conditions. This also means that the noise reduction algorithm is not high. Some prefer it this way.

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Here are some photos of the Vibe Z side by side 2 other different sized devices.

iPad mini

LG G2 with 5.2″ screen

The Vibe Z comes with a 3000mAH battery. It’s quite big capacity for a phone nowadays but with the 5.5″ screen, the power consumption is higher than other devices as well. From my usage, the phone could last around 7 hours a day. Some times 9 hours, depending on my usage for the day.



Lenovo Vibe Z is currently their best device to date with a very professional looking outlook, solid hardware and amazing screen. With the lack of app drawer, a normal user might not be able to get used to the interface. This can be solved by installed 3rd party launches like Nova.
Camera is great, speaker is loud and battery life is acceptable. So if you are planning to get an affordable 5.5″ smartphone, then this can be added into the consideration list.