Facebook for iPad Updated with Right Column Featuring Trending Topics & More

New update for Facebook! This time around, it brings a few new things to the iPad version.

This update will surface content on the right-hand side of the iPad that’s relevant to how people use tablets today, which is primarily to read news, watch videos and play games. More than 70 percent of people who use Facebook for iPad worldwide played a Facebook-connected game in the past 90 days. So we’re also dedicating a section of the iPad app to games people play, and over time, we will include ads where game developers can engage players.

To view the new column, just turn your iPad horizontally. It contains birthdays, events, and:

Trending topics: A feature launched on desktop in January, Trending is a list of topics people are talking about most on Facebook right now, personalized to include topics you’re interested in as well as topics trending across Facebook overall
Trending Videos: A feature new to iPad, Trending Video includes a personalized selection of the most-shared videos among your demographic on Facebook right now
My Games: A selection of games you already play, with an easy link to start playing them on your iPad
Popular Games: iPad games you might want to play, based on games your friends have played and what’s popular on Facebook

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