Review | LG G3, The Best Android Phone You Can’t Get In Malaysia [Video]

To many, LG is a non-significant brand when it comes to smartphones. Many people I’ve asked in Malaysia told me that the last LG phone they remember was the LG Chocolate. Well, what if I tell you, they they have been producing really good Android smartphones and the best one in 2014 is actually by LG?

This is the review of the G2 successor, the LG G3.

Before we move on, here are the specs:

Screen: 5.5″ QuadHD (2560x1440px)
OS: Android 4.4.2 KitKat
CPU: Qualcom Snapdragon Quadcore 2.5GHz
Internal memory: 32GB / 3GB Ram
External memory: Supports up to 128GB Micro SD
Battery: 3,000mAH, replaceable, wireless-charging
Camera: 13MP with Optical Image Stabilisation, Laser Autofocus, Dual Flash
Selfie: 2.1MP
Speaker: 1W speaker with Boost Amp

Outlook & First Impressions

At first glance, the G3 boasts a very classy and elegant design, with brushed metal texture and super thin bezels. This gives the phone a very modern and premium outlook. When held in the hands, the built feels very solid and sturdy. It feels very similar to holding the HTC One M8. As much as one would believe that the G3 is made of aluminium body, it is actually plastic. I guess LG picked this material in order to make a lighter device and more flexible when there is impact with hard surfaces.

Screen & Display

The first thing anyone would notice on the G3 is actually the screen. The 5.5″ display actually takes up 76% of the whole front face of the phone. Thanks to the really thin bezels, holding the phone does not feel like holding a 5.5″ at all. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 looks like a giant when compared side by side with the G3.

The photo above compares the screen of the G3 side by side with the iPad mini.

The QuadHD display with 538ppi resolution is top notch. I’ve never seen a mobile device screen as hi-res as this. All the current devices with full HD 1080p resolutions instantly feel old with the release of the G3. Colours are vibrant, texts are as sharp as those on gallery artbooks.

LG understands that one may find it difficult to look for content that matches the QuadHD resolution, so they have actually pre-installed 2 videos to demonstrate the power of the screen.

One thing to note though. Apps and games in the Play Store currently does not support resolution as high as this. So you are most probably gonna see 1080p stuff but with the high pixel density screen, you most likely wont notice the difference.


LG is proud to announce that the G3 comes with a 1W speaker with Boost Amp. To me, it’s basically a very loud ‘back facing’ speaker with very solid audio production. That’s it.
Honestly, I’ve tried the Boomsound speakers on the HTC One and nothing can actually come close to that. So my vote goes to the front facing BoomSound speakers on the One.


Coming as an LG G2 user, I’ve tried, understood and believed in the camera by LG. That is why I wanted to get the G3 so badly knowing that they have added some great features to the camera.

So what do I think of the G3 camera? It is fast, photos are sharp and takes really good low light photos without any noise. Here’s why.

Laser Autofocus: The dark red semi transparent dot beside the camera is the laser. Everytime before taking a photo, the G3 emits a laser beam to the subject in order to measure the distance between it and the phone. This actually helps a lot in reducing focusing time. Currently this laser autofocus technology is only available on digital cameras and SLRs.

OIS+ Camera: Pretty much like the camera on Nokia Lumia devices, the G3 has a built in optical image stabilisation mechanism whereby the sensor moves around to compensate on handshake when taking a photo. You can actually feel and see it happening after focusing on a certain subject on the camera before you snap.

Below are some photo samples I’ve shot using the G3 in the recent weeks. Click to enlarge:

Under bright daylight.

HDR mode.

Low light indoor

Low light macro

Really dark night shot

Battery Life & Wireless Charging

One might think.. with the large super hi-res screen, the G3 will die within a few hours of usage. Well, no.
From my day to day usage, the G3 can last me around 16 hours everyday on average. I usually unplug my phone at 8am and it does not need any charge at all until around 1am at night before I sleep.

The G3 comes with wireless charging too. As you can see in the photo above, the 4 connectors from the back of the casing actually connects to the battery so you can just place the G3 on a wireless charging dock to charge. No need to plug cables at all.



Now with the amazingly 1W loud speaker, 13MP camera with built-in optical image stabilisation and a superb 5.5″ QuadHD screen with thin bezels, is the G3 worth buying?

My answer is yes, definitely. The phone looks great and modern. New LG interface for Android looks mature and not as colourful as Samsung’s TouchWiz, which is what I prefer. The camera produces great low light and indoor shots, without noise. Which was previously only found on Lumia devices, but now on an Android phone.

Battery life is seriously good. I’ve stopped worrying about finding a charger or external power banks cos I know this phone will definitely last the day until I sleep at night.

There is however, A VERY BIG DISSAPOINTMENT; LG Malaysia does not bring in the G3 so if you are in Malaysia and wants to buy this phone from official LG resellers? You will end up crying in a corner.

Note that some 3rd party dealers do bring in the G3 from neighbouring countries but that will not include the official warranty by LG Malaysia so becareful on that.

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