The Lumia 930 Reviewed In Malaysia While Having ‘Cendul’ [Video]

Microsoft may have announced 2 new devices a few weeks back at IFA Berlin but those will probably make its way to Malaysia towards the end of the year. So if you are looking for the best Windows Phone in the market now, then this is it.. the Lumia 930.

The Lumia 930 was announced back in April and made available here 2 months later with the pricetag of RM1.9K. It might sound expensive, but the quality of the device and the features of the apps bundled with it may make it worth for the consumer.

The 930 comes in Nokia’s latest packaging. A flat box with slide out mechanism which is easy to handle and looks fresher from the outside. A light pull out reveals the 930 in full glory. The package comes with the usual stuff like USB cable, charger, manual, and earphones. I personally prefer this packaging compared to the old one cos.. it was really old looking haha.

The one I got was the orange version and it looks really fresh and vibrant. I personally prefer bright coloured phones cos it stands out amongst the rest. The 930 comes in Orange, Green, Black and White.

Looking at the design reminds me of all the other Lumia devices from Nokia cos they look almost the same. The only one that may look different was the Lumia 1020 which sports a black rounded circle at the back housing the camera lens and the Xenon flash. Anyhow, I like the simplistic and minimalist design of the back of the 930. The texture feels good too. I’m always a fan of matte surfaces.

The buttons on the right side of the phones are really solid… and I mean REALLY SOLID. They don’t wobble and give a sturdy click when pressed. Thumbs up Nokia for being able to nail this tiny aspect which improves the overall user experience.

Nearly forgot to mention the specs:
– Main camera sensor: 20 MP, PureView
– Display size: 5″
– Display resolution: Full HD (1920 x 1080)
– Processor name: Qualcomm Snapdragon™ 800 Quad Core 2.2Ghz
– Maximum talk time (3G): 15.5h
– Battery capacity: 2420mAh
– Wireless charging: Built-in (Qi standard)

Another thing I really like about the 930 is the 2.5D curved-edge glass. It gives a very comfortable feeling when swiping towards the edge of the phone. Somehow it makes the phone look more premium too. Probably that’s just me. LOL.

The ‘Clear Black Display’ is really good in bringing out the contrast and vibrancy of the interface. Blacks are really black and the high pixel density of 441ppi gives the interface, photos and text great clarity.

See how clear the screen is even under the sunlight. Paired with the Coloud speaker (which currently is not available in Malaysia), it’s really an outdoor combo for music playback on the go. Not forgetting the built-in MixRadio app that lets users build custom playlist and listen to music offline.

Here’s how it looks like side by side with the LG G3 which has a 5.5″ screen. The Lumia 930 is not light but it’s not very heavy either. Just right to give a solid feeling when held in the hands. I personally would hope that future Lumia devices to have thinner bezels just like the LG G3. This will definitely cut down the footprint of the device while maintaining the screensize. Please? Cut down bezels. Please? 😀

Nokia Camera is the default photo taking camera app used on the Lumia 930. It comes with manual settings, allowing users to manually control shutter speed, ISO, white balance and more. For less advanced users, there’s also an ‘Auto’ mode which is good enough for day to day usage. One of the biggest key selling point of the Lumia 930 is the built-in optical image stabilisation which aims to cut down hand-shake, in order to produce shake free and sharp photos and videos.

Here are some photos taken using the Lumia 930.

I personally like the Pureview camera when taking photos during bright daylight. Colours are natural and contrast is high. For low light, it performs well too, thanks to the OIS, allowing slower shutter speed to capture more light, producing brighter and sharp images.

Apps wise, the Windows Phone store currently has almost all the mainstream apps that consumers usually use on the iOS and Android platforms. Apps like Twitter, Facebook, Shazam, Spotify, Instagram, Vine and many more can be found in the Windows Phone store. I particularly like Windows Phone for having a wide sleection of Instagram apps befores the official one. My favourite is 6Tag, which gives users a lot more features compared to the official app like regram, create photo tiles, custom blurring, ‘like or not’ style browsing and more. As you can see in the photo above, 6Tag looks really good displaying Instagrams in full screen.

The current best Windows Phone is here and it’s the Lumia 930. With great screen, hardware and camera, it is an easy answer if you are looking for a phone apart from iOS and Android devices. There really isn’t many disadvantages of owning a Windows Phone apart from not being able to enjoy some specific apps which may soon be coming to the Windows Phone platform.
The orange version of this device looks really stunning and it has been turning heads thoughout my usage period, catching attention from many people. Speaker is loud but I prefer if it is not located at the back of the phone.

Battery life is OK, with lifespan of about 10 hours with a single charge. So if you have about RM1.9K and looking for a phone, do give this one a try and you might actually be surprised. 🙂

  • Jackshyan

    Does it support Glance or double tap to wake?

    • No it does not due to hardware limitations.

  • Choco


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  • Amber Teh

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  • Abigale Chong

    IPhone have the same features but
    still a lot of IPhone users without complaining any kind of non-removable
    battery or no expandable SD storage. I notice that a lot features has changed especially
    on its camera features. The camera features has changed to 16MP for rear
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  • Jackson Jay

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  • Abigale Chong

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  • Jackson Jay

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  • Abigale Chong

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  • kun thai

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