5 Ways How To NOT BEND Your iPhone 6 Plus

So apparently some iPhone 6 Plus owners have found out that their new phone’s aluminium body can literally bend while in their pockets. Reports have been flying all over on social media today and people start making fun of Apple. Here’s one:

Well, coming from someone who has been using large phones for a long time (previously the Galaxy Note 3 [5.7″] and now the LG G3[5.5″]), let me share with you my experience on how to handle big phones like the iPhone 6 Plus.

Here are 5 things you can practise in your daily lives:

1. Take out your phone and place them on the table when you are dining or sitting at the cafe for a long time.

Seriously, this is common sense. Having a 5.5″ in your pocket while sitting for a long period is definitely not comfortable at all. Why keep them inside?

2. Keep your phones in your bag or cup holder when watching movie in the cinema.

When you are in the cinema, you should focus on the movie you are watching and not play with your phones. So just freaking keep it in the bag or put it in the cup holder.

3. Put your phone in the storage area in your car while driving.

Seriously. The car manufacturers made the storage space for your phone. Use them.

4. Never put your phones in your back pocket.

This is common sense. If you have been putting phones in your back pocket… then I have no words for you.

5. Hold your phone of place it on the rack when you are taking a dump.

When you are sitting or squatting in that smelly toilet, please hold your phone. This will eliminate the possibility of it getting bent in your pocket, slipped and drop into the bowl or even drop onto the wet and slimy floor.


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