iPhone 6 Plus In Malaysia: First Impressions [Video]

So Apple recently announced 2 of their biggest iPhone to date, the iPhone 6 with 4.7″ screen and the iPhone 6 Plus with 5.5″ screen.

I’ve always been using a big phone (5.5 – 5.7 inches) so naturally I will pick the bigger one which is the iPhone 6 Plus. Another factor for picking this is the built-in Optical Image Stabilization on the 6 Plus’ camera. After using the Lumia and LG G3, I realised that built-in OIS is very important when it comes to taking photos using our phones as it will help in reducing handshake.

The iPhone 6 Plus is not available in Malaysia yet as of now (30 Sept 2014) so I pre-ordered it via the Singapore Apple website and collected it just 3 days ago.


So here’s the first look and impressions of the iPhone 6 Plus, just after using it for 3 days. Full review will be done in the near future.

The packaging is the most minimalist a phone box can be. With no printing of whatsoever. It you look close enough, there is actually a beveled shape of the iPhone 6 Plus on the top and the word ‘iPhone’ on both sides.

When I first unboxed it, I thought to myself ‘OMG WHERE”S THE USB CABLE?!’… then I realised that it is placed below the Earpod case. So nicely done. Thumbs up to Apple for this. OK let’s move on to the phone itself.

The iPhone 6 Plus looks really good in Space Grey. I got the 64GB version (cos they took off the 32GB from the options. WHAT?!) Anyway, the slightly curved glass on the edge makes the display pops up and it is gorgeous. The bezel on both the top and bottom of the screen is big. Like how it is on the iPhone 5 and 5S. This is due to the placement of the home button at the bottom.

The moment I held it in my hands, it felt long. Not big, but long. The width is fine with me as it feels very similar to the Note 3 or even the LG G3. But no phones with this screensize is as long as the iPhone 6 Plus. You will know what I mean when you hold it in your hands. But then again, it feels comfortable due to the thinness of 7.1mm. It is REALLY THIN. LIKE WOW SO THIN.

A close look at the side of the 6 Plus. Volume rocker seems to be bigger than the 5s. Now the buttons look very similar to the iPad. See how thin it is? Eventhough it is SUPER THIN, it feels very solid and the weight is perfect for a phone this size. No complaints here.

Here’s how it looks like beside a plate of Wantan Noodles.

One thing that I noticed since first day of using: The speaker is not loud enough. Music playback and ringtones sound awesome indoor but when I was in a shopping mall or just on a busy street, I could barely head the ringtone when it was placed in the front pocket of my pants. Be sure to switch on vibration else you will most likely miss some calls.

Camera seems to be really good. Photos are sharp, colours are natural and not washed out. Focusing is fast. 240p slo-mo is reaaaaallllllllllllllyyy slooowwwwwwwwwwwww. Will be sharing sample photos and videos in my upcoming posts.

Many might want to know about the battery life. On my 2nd day of usage, I unplugged from the charger at 8.30am and with regular usage of WhatsApp, VSCO and Instagram, the phone lasted me til about 1am at night. That’s about 17 hours. But that’s of course, is only a day use. I will be sharing more in-depth review of the battery life in my upcoming post.

Here’s a video of whatever you just read above. If you want to hear me say them, then you can play this video now.


What do you think of the iPhone 6 Plus in this first impressions article? Let me know in comments below.
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