WhatsApp’s Double Blue Checkmarks Are Here. This Is What It Means

If you have been chatting on your WhatsApp messenger, you may have noticed that the usual grey checkmarks or ticks do appear in blue as well starting today.

The checkmarks have always been an indicator of the status of your sent messages. So far, there have been 2:
– single grey tick: sent out from your device
– double grey ticks: your message has arrived in your recipient’s device.

From today onwards, we can also know if the recipient has read your messages. Those will be represented with double blue ticks.


By the way, the double blue ticks has actually been around for a while now but only applies to voice notes.

The latest version of WhatsApp now officially incorporates this feature for both voice notes and messages, although it may not work on all smartphone models. So if you still don’t see the blue ticks, don’t worry as they may appear very soon.


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