Tweetium 3.0 Launches On Windows Phone & You Should Totally Check It Out

To all Windows Phone Twitter users, here’s a new Twitter app you should check out.

Tweetium has been around on the Windows 8 platform for a bit and is now officially released for the phone.

Tweetium is the premium Windows Twitter client you’ve been waiting for. It’s slick. It’s fast. It’s been designed with ample feedback from serious Twitter users, with the goal of helping you get the most out of Twitter on Windows phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.


Here’s a review by Richard, a user of the app:
“I really like this. It is the closest to TweetDeck on mobile I have seen. I wish multiple accounts were included with default price, but in all it is a great twitter client. I highly recommend it. The nav bar at the top could use a little more space but it is still functional.”

Tweetium; Windows Phone 8.1: $2.99 (buy once, buy everywhere)