Montblanc Announces ‘e-Strap’ Band w Smartphone Integration for Analog Watches

Ahead of the launch of Apple Watch, Montblanc has announced their new direction in this category by releasing an ‘e-strap’ band for traditional watches that connects wirelessly to a smartphone.


The Montblanc e-Strap sports a 0.9 inch monochromatic OLED touchscreen display with a 128×36 pixel resolution and a high-quality leather band that attaches to a traditional analog watch. The screen is located at the underside of the wrist, which allows users to see notifications, count steps, and control music playback on the smartphone. The band connects to an iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth and offers up to five days of battery life.

The e-Strap is “NATO-style” in terms of how it is designed and how it connects to the watch. Montblanc has made it clear that the e-Strap is debuting with the Timewalker Urban Speed but will be compatible with all 42mm or 43mm wide Timewalker watches currently or previously available. It should also fit on various other watches with similar lug space sizes (perhaps 22mm wide or so). Of course, if you simply don’t want the e-Strap, you can get the Montblanc Timewalker Urban Speed without it.