Top 5 Gadgets You Need To Own in 2015

Being someone who is into techy stuff and trying to stay up to date all the time is not an easy thing. We all have smartphones, laptops and tablets and that’s more like a necessity than a luxury nowadays.
For the past year, consumer electronics revolved around stuff like the iPhone, iPad, etc.

We are now in 2015 and since the usual suspects have become part of our lives, we need to start exploring to see what other gadgets out there that should be included into our lifestyle, whether to help us do stuff or just to make us look cool.

So here are the top 5 gadgets you need to own in 2015.

#5 – Smart Watch

Android Wear has been around since last year and it has taken off quite well. Many are aware of them and the elite group of techies have been raving over the likes of MotoX and LG G Watch R.
The Apple Watch is gonna launch around March and it will definitely take the world by storm. Why? Cos it’s a smart watch by Apple and you know how Apple users would buy it no matter what.
I would buy it too! Cos it’s cool and stuff. I’m currently wearing a Pebble and it serves me really well, showing me notifications, maps, weather and other stuff on my wrist.
2015 is definitely a year for smartwatches to bloom and be part of everyone’s life.

#4 – Fitness Tracker

This is the wearable that tracks your fitness level, count your steps, heard rate and stuff like that. Why is it not in the previous category? Well, I prefer to separate smart watches and fitness trackers cos I think they work a lot more efficient separately.
2014 was more like a year to educate the consumers the need to track their fitness in order to live a healthier life. 2015 will be the year you should get one for yourself.
The more mainstream ones you can get are Fitbit and Jawbone. If you are on a tight budget, you can check out the Mi Band. A lot more are popping up this year too. So keep a look out yo!

#3 – Smart TV (Curved/Thin)

Samsung and Sony are amongst the players in the category that have been innovating and making TVs more amazing. In 2015, TVs will either come in a curved form, or runs a smart OS, like Android or Tizen. These TVs will most probably be 4K resolution too, in case you have a 4K version of Jurassic Park you want to watch at home with your mum.
Sony’s new flagship 4K TV this year is even thinner than a smartphone. Samsung’s version is curvier than JLO’s butt. So most likely you will end up buying one of these in 2015. Seriously, if you are still having one of those old school ones in your living room, it is a good time to upgrade.

#2 – Drones

Drones are little helicopter-like devices with cameras attached which can be controlled to fly around the air using a smartphone. It was been around for a while actually. The AR Drone was one of the most common one seen being used in 2014. Things are gonna get a lot more amazing in 2015. Intel announced RealSense tech whereby Drones running the new Intel chips can fly and sense objects around so they dont slap your face or get stuck in trees when flying in the air.
These drones are getting really tiny too! Best for selfies. You know how lame it is to use a selfie stick right? That’s so 2014. Get a drone. Fly it up and snap your selfies 🙂

#1 – Wireless Speaker

This thing is at number 1 cos it’s the easier one for anyone to get. Not sure when and how and why but in 2014, people on earth started realising that they need to blast their Spotify playlists out loud to annoy their friends and neighbours.
Wireless speakers are awesome. Once charged, they can play music without plugging to a power source for hours. Usually around 5-8 hours. They have bluetooth and NFC built in too, so you can just tap your Android phones to pair them both and play music instantly. iOS users have to manually pair using Bluetooth of course. They are old school like that.
Brands who are notable in this category are Creative, Beats, Bose and Logitech. There are many more out there too but it’s the last one in this article and I’m lazy to continue typing.

So there you go, 5 gadgets you need to own in 2015. If you have owned any of these, good job. If you have not, then it’s time to sell your old textbooks and furniture cos you are gonna need some moolahs.

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