VSCO Cam For iPhone & Android Get ‘Copy + Paste’ In New Update

Every Instagrammer’s favorite photo editing app, VSCO Cam has received a new update today which brings a few new things to the app.

From the changelog on the AppStore:
– Added Copy + Paste in library
– Added Undo feature in edit mode
– Restored Rebuild Thumbnails feature in Settings
– Fixed various issues and bugs


How to use Copy + Paste in VSCO:
1. In Library, select the image that contains the edits you wish to duplicate.
2. Tap the Copy + Paste button to copy the edit stack.
3. Select Copy Edit.
4. Select the photo or photos to which you want to apply the edits.
5. Tap the Copy + Paste button to apply the edit stack to your selected photo(s).
6. Select Paste Edit.

Note: crop and straighten edits will not Copy + Paste across images.

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