‘8bit Doves’ Is As Annoyingly Addictive As Flappy Bird & You Should Totally Download It [Video]

So 8bit Doves is currently the free game of the week on the AppStore (RM10.44 on Play Store). I downloaded it and boy, I was stuck to my phone playing it for hours and every 10 seconds I wanted to throw my phone to the wall.

Trapped in a VR world powered by an ancient handheld device, you are forced to endlessly dream in a pixel world of just 4 colours! Doves have taken roost in your prison and though you don’t know it they are the key to your survival. The Doves subconsciously inspire dreams of flight, so take to the skies through the mazes of your imagination and find the exit.

Intuitive two button gameplay is all you need to steer your way through the sky. Fly through each stage and reach the exit. Get doves to follow you for extra bonus bragging rights on Game Center and Social Networking stuff. If walls aren’t enough challenge you may enjoy the variety of traps that get rapidly added including, moving walls, speed boost zones, growing walls and more!

So basically you maneuver around using a 2-buttons control and try to collect as many tiny doves as you can without banging into obstacles and walls, which you will, every 3 seconds. That’s why I find it so annoyingly addictive.

8bit Doves; iOS: FREE
8bit Doves; Android: RM10.44