Facebook Releases ‘Riff’, An App That Lets You Make Videos With Friends

Here’s a fun app that was released by Facebook yesterday. RIFF. It’s basically a collaborative app whereby users can make videos together with their friends.

Having fun with friends is at the heart of the Facebook experience. Recently, a few Facebook employees stayed after-hours to work on a side project. Our hunch was that if you could make videos collaboratively, the creative process would be more fun and the final product would be cooler. Today, we are introducing Riff, a creative tool to make videos with friends.


Here’s how it works:

• Log in with Facebook to see videos by friends on Riff
• Start a video you want people to add to
• Browse Riff for videos you want to add your own clip to
• Get inspired by checking out videos the Riff team has featured
• Share the videos you start, add to, or find on Riff with friends!

Riff; iPhone: FREE