5 Malaysian Instagrammers You Need To Follow For Inspiration

It’s probably safe to say that most of us are on Instagram. Whether you use it to record you day to day activities, share food photos with your friends or just a platform for expressing your creativity, everyone’s using it for different purposes.

With the advancement of camera phones and digital cameras nowadays, photo quality gets better and better. People are also getting more creative with their Instagrams.

If you are in the quest of building your Instagram profile with nice looking photos, then there are some Instagrammers out there that you need to follow to spark some inspiration.

Here are 5 ladies and gentlemen in Malaysia that do well in expressing their creativity in different ways.

CHARLENE (@dearchar_)

At first glance, her thumbnail view instantly tells you that she loves the colour white. With every photo focusing on objects with white background, you will see how much time and effort she put in to make sure everything fits the same theme.
From food, to office desk to tiles on the floor, she never fails to turn them into minimalist looking white and bright visuals.

REUBEN (@reubenteo)

Scrolling through Reuben’s feed is like a journey around the world through photos. Every single piece of his work is full of details, vibrant colours and story. His recent trip to North Korea allowed him to show everyone how beautiful the country is, despite limited access for the public.
If you are planning on your next holiday, do follow and swipe through his shots and you will definitely get to decide on where to go.

JASON (@smashpop)

This Instagram account has a mixture of multiple things. Coffee, food, architecture and portraits. If you think that coffee is boring, then you should totally check out how Jason composes the shots of cups and cafe ambience. Looking for a place to eat? This profile has got you covered with ratings and pricing of the different foods in Kuala Lumpur.
Architecture shots, combined with portraits of himself and friends bring out a different feeling for people who scrolls through his feed. Don’t forget to say hi to Woody too! His toy that loves going to cafes.

THIENHEE (@thienhee_)

Speaking of portraits, ThienHee does it very well with his carefully selected location backgrounds and model postures. Having either bright or really dark background makes his thumbnail view look really clean and minimalist. He does photos of buildings and sceneries too. Being an architecture student, photos of him and his friends are usually quirky with cute expressions.

FIDELLA (@fidella)

Is she a Malaysian? Or is she a Japanese?
Well, one might not be able to tell when scrolling through her photos. Some of them would actually make you think she is Taiwanese. But she is definitely born and currently living in Malaysia. With desaturated colours and faded effect, Fidella is able to turn her day to day photos look very film-like. Her dressing style, props and people in her photos all look very unique and happy. If you are looking for an easy-to-view feed of photos with happy people, then you should totally follow Fidella now.


So there you go, follow these people and give them a ‘Hello’ if you think their photos are really likeable and inspiring.