Chat About Your Apps On This Chat App Called ‘AppChat’ for Android

Chatting about lunch or upcoming movies is too mainstream. Y’know what’s new? Chat about your apps!

AppChat automatically puts you in a chat room for every app you have installed on your phone. It lets you chat in real time with everyone else who has the same app.


Just launched about a week ago, it allows you to have the freedom to talk about anything at all on apps that you have on your phone. Up to 80,000 chatrooms have been created to date. It’s also Android exclusive so iOS users will only go as far as reading this article. lol

More features:
* We automatically detect which app a screenshot is for and offer to upload it to that chat.
* Swipe in from the bottom right of your screen when in any app and you can jump straight to the chat for that app.
* All the usual chat stuff: you can like messages, mention users, etc.

AppChat; Android: FREE