Authenticate Your Ringgit Notes With ‘My Ringgit’ App For iOS & Android

Ever wondered how many security features are there on a Malaysian Ringgit note or coin? My Ringgit app has just been launched by Bank Negara to help educate and authenticate our ‘Ringgits’ and ‘Syilings’ so that we know if there is a fake note inside our wallet.

The official Bank Negara Malaysia (Central Bank of Malaysia) interactive guide to the security features of the current series Malaysian currency. The app also includes general advice, quality standards for the Malaysian currency and other related information.

The app has augmented reality features that allows users you point the camera to a note and security features are displayed along with explanations for each of them.

“[The app will allow users to check other security features of the notes,] such as watermark, electrotype numeral, see-through register mark, windowed colour shifting security threads with texts, hologram stripe, gold patch, to name a few, are among the basic security features that we should know on our currency notes,” said Bank Negara deputy governor Datuk Muhammad Ibrahim.

My Ringgit; iOS: FREE
My Ringgit; Android: FREE