First Trailer for the Upcoming Steve Jobs Movie Has Been Released [Video]

Universal Studios has just released the first official trailer for the upcoming Steve Jobs movie featuring Michael Fassbender. The film is based on the Walter Isaacson biography of Steve Jobs and will only feature three scenes (each one based on the moments before a product launch under Steve Jobs).


The first Steve Jobs movie trailer trailer has landed online. The film has only three scenes, each one the unveiling of a product Jobs created. I really like this trailer because it walks the line between acknowledging that Steve Jobs accomplished incredible things but it doesn’t look like director Danny Boyle is going into hero worship. I don’t know what this film will add to what we know about Jobs as an individual, but the way Boyle is presenting Jobs’ legacy could be very exciting. I particularly love the close of this trailer where the applause Jobs receives is somewhat unnerving. I can’t wait to see more.

Coming to cinemas in Malaysia on 21st January 2016