‘Bundle’ For iOS & Android Automatically Groups Your Photos [Video]

If you look into your mobile phone photo gallery and spend at least 1 minuted trying to find a certain photo taken last year, then some organization activity is definitely needed to fix that issue.

Bundle aims to do just that.

Group and organize your photos and create a shared photo library with the ones you care about. We’re on a mission to make managing, sharing and storing your photos faster, cheaper and more fun.


Reasons you’ll love Bundle:

Organize photos in a breeze
Bundle helps your declutter your Camera Roll by grouping your best photos into bundles, to share or to keep to yourself.

Not every photo’s a keeper
Easily select the best photo from a group of similar photos.

Gorgeous shared photo library
Group and privately share bundles with friends and family of a vacation, a night out, kids, your pet or just everyday life. And finally see those photos you took together.

Keep your memories safe
Back up your photos to a storage provider you’re already using like Dropbox or Google Drive. Or use Bundle Backup to store your full resolution photos and keep your memories safe, even if your phone goes for a swim.

Bundle; iOS: FREE
Bundle: Android: FREE