Google Launches ‘My Ramadan Companion’ Site & Now Cards For The Fasting Month

Fasting month has started and in order to stay informed on sunrise and sunset times, Google launched ‘My Ramadan Companion’ to assist you. Apart from time info, the site also displays recipes, local restaurant listings, YouTube content and other items in a card-based format for easy browsing.

To help you get the most out of Ramadan, we’ve launched My Ramadan Companion (, which gives you customized and locally relevant information, tips, and other content highlighting the richness of what the web can offer during Ramadan around you. You can find out the sunset time in your location and plan your day accordingly, check out the traffic in your area, navigate to the closest charity Iftar, find and share recipes, and enjoy Ramadan content on YouTube ranging from drama series and comedy sketches and health tips to stay fit during the 30 days of fasting.

Depending on your location, Google Now will show you a range of relevant cards with popular YouTube videos, latest Ramadan news and information, and recommendations for apps that alert you to wake up for Suhur, enable you to design greeting cards for Ramadan to share with the family, find Halal restaurants around you, and countdown to Iftar time.