Maxis Now Offers 100Mbps Fibre Internet To Malaysians

If you’ve been complaining about the Internet speed at home, then Maxis seems to have what you’re looking for, 100Mbps Fibre Internet to your home.

The new offering is an additional option on top of the current plans of 30Mbps, 20Mbps and 10 Mbps.


If you are a MaxisONE customer, then the package will only cost you RM330 monthly, instead of RM398.


According to Maxis, with the new plan, you can stream movies in 4K UHD, download without limits, gets is installed within 3 days and RM30 of free calls to all mobile, fixed numbers and IDD destinations.


Does this interest you? What do you think of the RM398 price tag?


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