‘Same Or Not?’ for iOS & Android, A Game That Will Make You Want To Slap Your Brain

What do you get when you combine cute characters, simple gameplay, brain-slapping reflex mechanism in a mobile game?
You get “Same Or Not?”, one of the latest games that was released recently for iOS & Android.

So I mentioned ‘brain-slapping’. This is as literal as it gets cos you would want to slap you brains at one point when it is not fast enough to control your fingers to tap on the screen. I usually end up screaming to the wall.


Gameplay is simple. Just make sure you know the 3 characters: Moo, Doo & Roo. They appear one after another and you have to tap on the check mark or cross to verify that it is the same character that appeared before.

They love hiding right out in the open, so test your reflexes (and vision) and don’t let them get past you in this battle of wits!
The longer you get it right, the longer you get to play.

As the description says, the longer you get it right, the longer you get to play. But the question is; HOW LONG CAN YOU LAST?

Same Or Not?; iOS: FREE
Same Or Not?; Android: FREE