Microsoft’s Cortana for Android Is Now In Public Beta, Grab It Now Via Play Store

Microsoft’s cross-platform voice assistant, Cortana (which is supposed to compete with Siri and Google Now) is now available as an official public beta through Google Play.


Cortana is there to help make things easier for you and keep you up to date on the things that matter to you:
• Use Cortana as a voice assistant by speaking naturally or even by typing, and she’ll find answers from the web or help you get things done.
• Find answers using Bing including the latest sports scores, movie show times, local restaurants, facts and references, and more.
• Set reminders with Cortana and get the reminders at a specific or recurring time, or when you arrive/leave a certain location.
• Set alarms.
• Place calls to your contacts using voice.
• Voice texting: dictate your SMS/text to Cortana using voice.

Cortana for Android; FREE