Upcoming Apple TV Game ‘Fantastic Plastic Squad’ Will Bring You Back To The 80’s [Video]

“Fantastic Plastic Squad” is an upcoming game for the newly announced Apple TV from Studio Pound Sand, which is led by former executive producer and studio head for EA’s Medal of Honor games.


When playing the game, the user will be taking the role of a third-person where you pretend to be an action figure which is upgradable and customized to your liking.

Check out the trailer below:

Here’s something worth noting about “Fantastic Plastic Squad”. If you are interrupted in the middle of a campaign or online match, you can let an AI autopilot play the game for you until you return. But of course, the AI will not play as good as you but at least you know that going to toilet now is safe while you are in the middle of the campaign.


The game has a single player campaign of 125 missions as well as PvP mode with much-coveted features such as clan support, tournaments, leaderboards, and replays. You can even borrow a friend’s figures for online battle, which gives that friend a portion of the credits earned.

Stay tuned to more updates about this game! Just make sure you have the new Apple TV in your living room before you get this game 😀