Foream X1, A Portable Sports Camera You Should Totally Check Out [Video]

Despite the saturated market of portable sports cameras, there’s still lacking one that records videos from your eye level which also takes photos and timelapse.

Well, there’s one now, with the release of the X1 by Foream.

I’ve got to check out the black one (yes it comes in multiple colours: black, orange, pink, red, yellow). The X1 comes with an 8-megapixel Sony-sensor camera which is capable of recording videos in 1080p Full HD at 30fps.
From our test, it is smooth and bright for all conditions so it’s definitely great to be used to record videos at all locations that your adventure takes place.

The X1 sports a 1160mAh replaceable lithium-ion battery which can last about 3 hours. Though it seems quite long, but be sure to have a charging cable handy in case if you are away on a long outing.

The ergonomic design allows the f2.2 camera to tilt at 80 degrees angle whereby it is able to film everything you see without the need to tilt your head too much.
The microphone and speakers are located on the front to ensure that all audio is recorded and played to the user and the subject.

The slot for Micro-SD and micro-USB port are located at the bottom, nicely covered with a rubber lid. The power and Wifi buttons are also placed there for convenience.

The X1 is actually quite light! I was surprised when I first held it in my hands. It’s only 97g. Putting it on the forehead barely feels anything. Ok I exaggerated but you get what I mean 😀

Oh by the way, you can connect your Android or iPhone to the X1 via Wifi. There’s an app by Foream that allows remote connection from the smartphone. There’s also a whole social community in there for Foream users to share their videos.

In case you are wondering how it looks like when worn. I love the black. Cos it’s cool and is not very outstanding, exactly how I like my gadgets to be.
There is an indicator light to show what mode it is currently on:
Red: Video mode
Blue: Photo mode
Green: Timelapse mode

In case you are not convinced that I like black. 😀

OK check out this video below for details demo and review:

The Foream X1 retails at RM499 and is available now at
Shipping throughout Malaysia is FREE!


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