See How These 5 Malaysian Instagrammers Add Creativity In Lifestyle Shots

Instagram has recently announced that their user base has surpassed 400 Million and thats a really big number for a social photo sharing app.

In Malaysia, there are all kinds of Instagrammers. Some take really good coffee photos, some excel in architectural shots and some are really professional in taking selfies.

Among all the grammers in the scene, here are 5 that you may have missed out. These are Malaysians who manage to add creativity in their day to day lifestyle photos. In no particular order, please check these people out.

1. Faliq (@faliqfahmie)

Faliq has been a very passionate Instagrammer in Kuala Lumpur and has been participating in many Instagram community activities. All his Instagrams are strictly taken using his iPhone only.
It is quite obvious that Faliq excels in taking portraits. We are not talking about face portraits here, but photos of tiny people with different poses in big spaces.

2. Kittie (@kittieyiyi)

Being a full time fashion designer, you will see a lot of colours in Kittie’s feed. She has this distinct style whereby rainbow colours are used in all her photos, her work and her design.
Apart from using bright colours, her poses are very different as well. Kittie totally stands out in the crowd with great usage of colours and outstanding look and postures.

3. Jason (@smashpop)

If you scroll through Jason’s feed, you will most probably see 4 types of photos; Food & drinks, people, architecture, and travel. He loves pushing the creativity for each of his photos to the edge. For example; shooting coffee on the floor, playing with light & shadow, trying fresh photo angles, and featuring his toys.
Yup, toys. He uses the hashtag #smashpoptoy whenever Woody, Buzz Lightyear or his other toys appear in his Instagrams.

4. Yien Ting (@yientingg)

If you are at a cafe and there’s a cute petite girl taking photos of her food by standing on the chair, she’s most probably Yien Ting. Her food and coffee shots are of very good lighting and different angles everytime. Flatlay shots is probably her expertise here.
Apart from food and coffee, she poses quite frequently too. Her outfit is always minimalist with high chance of matching with her surroundings.

5. Jaemy (@jaemyc)

If you are looking for Instagrammers who takes only 1 type of photos and doing it very well with persistence, look no further than Jaemy’s profile. By getting his friends to pose and overlying them by holding a movie poster card, he manages to combine the scenes in the posters and real life seamlessly.
One thing to note; he prints every single one of them. In his recent trip to the US, he managed to get people to pose for his cards as well. Go and check his feed to know what I mean.


OK that is all. Stay tuned to the next Instagrammers feature post 😀

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