Google Releases ‘Who’s Down’ App To Show You Which Friends Are Free To Hang Out

Here’s a new social app from Google. Who’s Down lets you see which of your friends are free to hang out. So if you are free and is waiting for friend’s to ask you out, this app is best for you.
But hold that thought. Cos the app is currently ‘invite only’. So you need to apply to get the code in order to use.


Instantly see which of your friends are free to hang out, right when you are. And with one slider, you can let your friends know you’re down to hang out too. It’s that simple. Who’s Down: always know who is free to hang out, so you never miss out on the fun.

The app should be availbale for download for iOS & Android now. If you don’t see it, then it means the app is not released for your country yet.