‘Fist of Fury’ for iOS, An Addictive Game You May Have Missed Out [Video]

Calling all mobile gamers who are into addictive yet simplistic gameplay. If you loved games like Flappy Bird or Temple Run, then you might like this as well.

Fist of Fury is a martial arts guru game about the balance between zen meditation and fierce fight. Be fast. Be fearless. Be flexible. Empty your mind and be shapeless – like water. Forget about yourself and follow the opponents’ movements. Train harder, punch faster, unlock new epic heroes and try their exclusive power-ups.


Gameplay is super simple. All you need to do is to swipe up, down, left or right to kill monsters that attack you from the 4 different directions. It’s all about timing and speed!

– 22 heroes with unique abilities
– 6 locations to fight in
– gameplay video recording and sharing options

Fist of Fury, iOS: FREE