Logitech’s K480 Lets You Type On Multiple Devices Like Magic. Here’s The Review [Video]

There are times when we need to type long emails or documents but find it too difficult because the on-screen keyboards on our phones or tablets are too small or not comfortable to use. There are also times when you have multiple devices with you and you just feel like you can type on any of the devices with the same keyboard. Well, it is now possible with the Logitech K480 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard.

The K480 comes in 2 colours; Black and White, and it’s a full size keyboard. This means the keys are big with ample space in between keys to avoid mis-typing.
There is also a slot at the top for users to rest their devices at a comfortable viewing angle.

They K480 is a wireless device. Hence you can bring it around with you for outings or just for typing while commuting in the train or car. Depending on the batteries used and how frequent it is used, the K480 can last for 2 million key strokes before battery runs out. Well at least that’s what they say on paper.

To power up the keyboard, we just need to slot in 2x AAA batteries on the back, slide the power switch and done!

The K480 allows Bluetooth connection up to 3 devices and can be switched to either one instantly. I think the dial here is very convenient for users who frequently switch between their phones or tablets.

Pairing the keyboard works like connecting any other bluetooth devices. Switch it on, then find the K480 in the settings screen of your .. say.. iPad… and it connects instantly.

I tried pairing the K480 to my iPad mini and Lenovo Phab Plus and they both were able to connect easily. Switching between devices happens in split seconds and works as advertised. One thing to note though. The keys on the keyboard are raised quite highly to a point that typing on it feels like typing on a typewriter. This also means that it makes a lot of sound as you type. Definitely not suitable to be used in a library.

The K480 is available in Malaysia now for RM179 and 2x AAA batteries are provided so you don’t have to buy them separately.

Here’s my detailed review and you can check out how fast it switches between 2 devices in my video. Also, in case you worry that it cannot fit in your bag, you can check out my demo in the video too!

Find out more on Logitech’s website.