Skype’s New Update Lets You Group Video Call With 24 People At The Same Time

Microsoft has recently updated Skype to allow 25- Skype group video calling. This new feature will be made available to iPhone, iPad and Android users starting from Western Europe and North America. The release of the update will also be made available to other markets within these 2 weeks. By end of March, everyone should be able to receive this app update.

For the ultimate get together experience, group video calls are in glorious HD quality and optimized specifically for the device you’re using, giving a more natural feel to the call. The person talking is displayed front and center and video is immersive and full screen. Audio is also crystal clear, thanks to our SILK Super Wide Band audio codec in our cloud conferencing stack. To achieve this, we’re proud to have worked with one of Microsoft’s biggest partners, Intel, which helped enable us to optimize SILK Audio specifically for Azure running on Intel processors.


We’ve built an experience optimized for mobile and tablet screens. You can flip between a highly immersive grid view that makes you feel like you’re in the same room, or you can switch to focus view where Skype automatically focuses on the active speaker, or lets you choose which participant to ‘Pin’ to the stage. The latter view works particularly well when you have a large group on the call.

You can get the latest update of Skype from the Apple App Store & Google Play Store

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