Malaysians are angry at Maxis. Here’s why.

Bet the moment you woke up this morning, everyone on your social media feed was talking about how much they feel cheated by one of Malaysia’s telco, Maxis.
So what is happening??

Well, just some months ago, Digi and Celcom started rolling out new postpaid plans which made Malaysians realise that they are being shortchanged with the money they are paying to Maxis.
The blue and yellow telcos started offering double or triple the Internet quota and unlimited calls & SMS for half the price or less than what we have been paying to Maxis on the monthly basis.

Here’s a look at the plans comparison. Note that these 3 are all the hero plan options from the respective telcos. This means, they are recommending these to Malaysians for the best value.


Source: Digi’s Postpaid plan | Celcom First Gold | MaxisONE

From this chart, I’m sure you can already see why current Maxis users are making noise.

So the effect of this is Malaysians porting out from Maxis to cross over the bridge to either Celcom or Digi.
Maxis’ counter offer to people who wants to port out was to offer them packages like RM68 for 5GB data with unlimited calls & sms. Some who are less lucky gets offered with RM88 for 7gb data with unlimited calls & sms.

This got Malaysians even angrier because:
1. Current users are already paying through the nose for expensive services
2. Some people gets special treatment for getting counter-offered with ‘still not very valuable’ plans.
3. People are wondering why Maxis can offer these ‘better’ options to ‘some’ people but not everyone.

Maxis then posted this on their Facebook:


Which is obviously a PR method to calm the fire that’s currently burning their gate. If you look at it, they said, “Sometimes Maxis uses offers to stimulate trial of new services. Every now and then we also offer special deals to get our customers to switch in their family members as Maxis customers or to extend a contract.”.

The post received more than 1,000 angry face and 1k comments with about 1.3K shares after hours of being published. Looking at it, 90% of the comments are Malaysians expressing how unsatisfied they are with how Maxis treats people with biased offerings, zero loyalty rewards even though after using the service for more than 10 or 15 years. Read more here.


So here’s what we hope to tell Maxis.

Dear telco that we used to love. People don’t hate you just because they can. It’s because the telcos have been very competitive in giving Malaysians more by charging less. IF you can come back down from your clouds and stop being arrogant and offer plans with similar services and price, Malaysians will flock back to you cos, after all, your 4G signal is definitely better than the other players in the country.

  • Jedi Consular

    Desparation? Your blog is now ranked #106,030 in Malaysia on Similarweb. Don’t join the dark side, bro.

  • I love Maxis

    Maxis is masterraces!

  • Schmitt

    I disagree with the statement saying maxis has better 4G coverage. It would be area dependant but I have to say I’m getting even better 4G coverage on team Yellow ever since I ported from Maxis to Digi 3 months ago. I too have been a loyal maxis user for over 10years with 5 lines through my account. I’m saving quite a bit of cash monthly now and I like how Digi has got apps to track your usage and their itemised billing seems much clearer too.

    • Norisa Hani

      Maxis shouldn’t only focusing on telco, they also care about the fibre users. No rewarding like Time give. Time’s users were automatically brought up to speed, when Time launched a new plan? What about Maxis?

  • holiday durby

    fuck maxis, simple as that … lousy speeds poor service and overpriced, shit like this needs to end

    • Breatice

      Agreed, even the Fibre line also facing speed drop issue.
      Also, the 100mbps plan is overpriced paying rm400 per month, but not receiving the equal service.
      Claim that 100mbps, but the speed that I received that is not even hit 90mbps.

    • Norisa Hani

      yeah, the fibre plan also overpriced. While Time can offer faster speed, but cheaper price?
      Service is not even as good as Time. Complain with multiple times, but slow respond…

  • Breatice

    Oh, offers to stimulate trial of new services? That’s strange!
    Why only the “traitors” received such offer? and why don’t you offer those who are still loyal with Maxis for the stimulate trial of new services purposes?
    The biggest joke I ever heard in my life !!!

    • Norisa Hani

      Yeah, they need to take a lesson from Time. For Time users all are under fair treatments.
      Even upgraded existing plan, all users remain no changes to the subscription fees and contract term.
      No discrimination.

  • Norisa Hani

    Great, another double standard treatment updates from Maxis. Only Maxis One plan users able to enjoy the free upgrade plan, but others Maxis plan users still remain the same with no changes.

  • iena eliena

    Don’t understand why Malaysians only realize it now. I have switched for
    long time ago from Maxis to Digi because Maxis always seem to charge
    more and Digi always come out with initiatives to retain customers(^_~)

    • Gaffer Long

      I have ported out from Maxis to Digi and i realized i should had done that years ago.

  • GS Guilto Steno

    Im a prepaid user.. From the beginning..i never use maxis due to expensive price..
    I test hotlink once to check their broadband..
    RM30 gone just to xtivate their internent through phone..but still the same. Waste my money..

  • Fieza Sani

    I have switch from Maxis to Digi due to plans is more cheaper with RM78 for 7GB plus unlimited calls..Digi always offer a plan that attract customer to loyal with them..

  • neyra shazeyra

    From the table above also we can see, why need to spend more? Digi RM78 – 7GB data with unlimited calls, attract me more than Maxis One Plan

    • Tracy Mervinson

      Agreed there is always a cheaper plan is waiting…
      We don’t deserve to pay higher, but getting less from others.

  • GS Guilto Steno

    Maxis is counter back by given xtra data quota to whom want to port out now it offer to all their cust once it get viral by angry ‘loyal cust’
    ..but still not worth it..RM 98 wth 5GB..Compare to Digi Post only pay RM78 n get 7GB..u get xtra 2.. 2gb more with less RM20..

    • Tracy Mervinson

      They should have more value their customers. Don’t wait until the incidents exposed only start giving compensate.
      Don’t fool your customers, value them. Always understanding what their needs. Haiz, feeling sad for all the loyal customer…

  • #MOMI

    Why Maxis so expensive? -.- hmm
    Its better get Digi RM78 – 7GB data with unlimited calls than MaxisONE.

    • Norisa Hani

      Because they believe in quality. If not mistaken, it’s been a long time that they have not upgraded their service. While others is catching up very fast.
      Time to wake up~~~

  • bila Digi tawarkan harga lebih murah dan tiada kontrak maka pilihan itu jangan diabaikan. 7GB tu.

    • Gaffer Long

      Betul-betul! Its much more worth it than paying rm188 for 7gb with maxis.


    Maunya tak marah. Other telco now giving more data. But they after reimbursement pun still ciput. For example Digi for 7GB only Rm78 lor

    • Norisa Hani

      They are not competitive enough, competitors already make a move. While they’re still falling behind, same goes to their fibre plan. Look at Time already start offering the 500mbps and the commitment is even cheaper. They still sticking with the pricey 100mbps plan. I never seen before this kind of business strategies …

  • ana auni

    Even upgraded plan, Maxis still the most expensive. Digi offer postpaid 78 can get 7GB data plus unlimited calls. So grab it lah!

  • cikpinz

    Maxis why other telco can offer the best plan. Example DiGi, offer 7gb data and unlimited call only RM78.

  • Yazid Izzat

    Dear MAXIS did you notice or you just pretend do not know other Telco like CELCOM, DIGI n UMOBILE more cheaper than you. Like DIGI you just pay RM 78 you will get 7GB and unlimited call…

  • Gaffer Long

    Ported out from Maxis to Digi and i should had done it along time ago as they offer better package. I was using maxis rm188 for 7gb and they want to upgrade me to rm188 for 16gb, what on earth am i going to do with 16gb? watch porn ah? Hahaha.

  • joy

    Wow rm128 by M1 just got 3gb internet quota only? im not talking Bad about M but its very clear comparison that the competitor is doing better than M.

  • namo

    yup its too overpricing. 128 is like you better take wifi. haha try to compare 3gb by M1 and 10gb by first gold is far too different. the price is almost rm50 gap. honestly first gold are doing better.

  • joy

    Maybe this is the time for us to move to better postpaid plan. nowadays telcos offer plan without bound to any contract. you can simply sign up and terminate at your convenience. try out plan that give you the most benefits with affordable monthly commitment

    • namo

      you’re right. as shown above, celcom and yellowman both plan do not bound to any contract. and the price also do not have much difference. but first gold give 10gb internet quota which is 3gb more than yellowman

  • joy

    3gb more than yellowman but only rm10 price difference. if you use prepaid nowadays, 3gb internet will cause you rm30. so now you can save rm20 for 3gb internet. haha

  • namo

    hmm you’re good in calculating. so could be first gold most worth plan for above comparison. other than 10gb data, what else did the user get ?

  • joy

    i’ll tell you. first of all this plan do not bound to any contract. you can sign up and terminate at any moment you like. and what is more likely to heard is, the unfinish 10gb data can be carry forward to the next month. it can be carry forward up to 5gb unfinish data 🙂

  • Marc Waxxie

    rm128 for 3gb only ? i dont understand why applying so high price to customer. better look for celcom and digi only. hmm

  • namo

    Carry forward the data? you mean in next month it should be more than 10gb right ? awesome !!

  • joy

    that is right. but thats not all. this plan also allow you to get unlimited streaming to yonder music. hurry up before the promotion ends 🙂