Malaysians are angry at Maxis. Here’s why.

Bet the moment you woke up this morning, everyone on your social media feed was talking about how much they feel cheated by one of Malaysia’s telco, Maxis.
So what is happening??

Well, just some months ago, Digi and Celcom started rolling out new postpaid plans which made Malaysians realise that they are being shortchanged with the money they are paying to Maxis.
The blue and yellow telcos started offering double or triple the Internet quota and unlimited calls & SMS for half the price or less than what we have been paying to Maxis on the monthly basis.

Here’s a look at the plans comparison. Note that these 3 are all the hero plan options from the respective telcos. This means, they are recommending these to Malaysians for the best value.


Source: Digi’s Postpaid plan | Celcom First Gold | MaxisONE

From this chart, I’m sure you can already see why current Maxis users are making noise.

So the effect of this is Malaysians porting out from Maxis to cross over the bridge to either Celcom or Digi.
Maxis’ counter offer to people who wants to port out was to offer them packages like RM68 for 5GB data with unlimited calls & sms. Some who are less lucky gets offered with RM88 for 7gb data with unlimited calls & sms.

This got Malaysians even angrier because:
1. Current users are already paying through the nose for expensive services
2. Some people gets special treatment for getting counter-offered with ‘still not very valuable’ plans.
3. People are wondering why Maxis can offer these ‘better’ options to ‘some’ people but not everyone.

Maxis then posted this on their Facebook:


Which is obviously a PR method to calm the fire that’s currently burning their gate. If you look at it, they said, “Sometimes Maxis uses offers to stimulate trial of new services. Every now and then we also offer special deals to get our customers to switch in their family members as Maxis customers or to extend a contract.”.

The post received more than 1,000 angry face and 1k comments with about 1.3K shares after hours of being published. Looking at it, 90% of the comments are Malaysians expressing how unsatisfied they are with how Maxis treats people with biased offerings, zero loyalty rewards even though after using the service for more than 10 or 15 years. Read more here.


So here’s what we hope to tell Maxis.

Dear telco that we used to love. People don’t hate you just because they can. It’s because the telcos have been very competitive in giving Malaysians more by charging less. IF you can come back down from your clouds and stop being arrogant and offer plans with similar services and price, Malaysians will flock back to you cos, after all, your 4G signal is definitely better than the other players in the country.

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