Celcom pressures Maxis even further by giving users 18GB of data in new plan

Following the whole fiasco about Maxis charging users crazy high monthly fees for tiny bit of data quota, Celcom is back with a new plan to further advance into a new level, leaving the green coloured telco looking really bad in the telco industry.

The company today announced a new plan called “FIRST Platinum” whereby users get 18GB of data, unlimited calls and SMS to all networks and priority customer service.
This new plan is also contract free. Which means if you don’t like to stay with this plan, you can opt out anytime without penalty.


Here’s a detailed breakdown of the offering:

– 9GB data for weekdays
– 9GB data for weekends
– unlimited calls and sms to all networks
– carry forward unused data
– unlimited access to iflix for 1 year

Additional benefits include:

– 9GB complimentary WiFiPlus
– Up to 3GB Internet Bonus
– FREE Unlimited Yonder Music
– Choice of your preferred number
– No contract commitment
– Extended credit limit
– Auto Debit savings
– Club for FIRST™


The FIRST Platinum plan costs RM150 monthly. More info: https://www.celcom.com.my/personal/plans/platinum

With the launch of this new plan, Malaysians are now hoping that Maxis will fight back and launch new plans that benefits the users and are affordable as well.
What do you think of this new plan from Celcom? Share your thoughts in comments below.

  • Jeremyz

    This plan is everywhere.. Everyone is talking about it.. I understand the hype but its more towards heavy user rite?? Lets just see what other telco will do about it.. I dont think they will let it slide.

    • Clavin

      Wait is not the promotion before this the GOLD plan?? Now this plan.. Its really a blood bath.

      • Jeremyz

        Ya.. I think its quite clever for Celcom to bring out an counter towards other telco…I guess they have a backup plan just incase other telco counter back.

  • Kao Cheon

    Iflix only on mobile ?? Will there be data charges??

    • Andrew Liao

      Wondering about that too… i think may apply data charges..

      • Sharmil Afiq

        Jokers, wondering do you guys know how to read? the image shown unlimited access to iflix.
        Can’t you see it? next time read before start posting silly comments lah.

        • Andrew Liao

          I know what u mean, but i was asking for example u pay for unlimited access to spoify but once u hear music online u will use ur data unless you are with a plan which gives u a quota of data for spoify. So wondering how does it work.

          • SelenaDventure

            It won’t deduct your data.

          • Andrew Liao

            Oh.. Thanks for that.. Thats good to know x)

  • vicez

    Anyone know when is this launch??

    • Andrew Liao

      I heard its already launch… check out their website..

  • lixin

    Everyone is so afraid about people reading their msg?? Until give free zipit chat.. Didnt know what was it had to google it.

    • Andrew Liao

      Yup whatsapp also did the same thing. Guess alot of hacker is our there.

  • Andrew Liao

    How many data can be carried forward? Does anyone know?

  • SelenaDventure

    Rather sign up umobile total 15gb for only 70.
    Even first gold is better than this

    • Andrew Liao

      Ya i totally get what u mean.. Their Gold plan is really good already. Dont know why they are coming with this huge Data plan.. I dont think its for the average user.

      • Stefen Tenfeng

        It’s benefits for heavy users who don’t have to purchase the extra data top up.