Digi challenges Maxis & Celcom by offering 10GB data, unlimited calls for RM80

The telco war seems to be getting more exciting as Digi just launched a new RM80 plan that matches Celcom’s FIRST Gold package offerings. This move might affect Celcom, but Maxis is the bigger victim here as The green telco is still lacking behind with their expensive plans.

Note that Celcom also launched a new plan this morning, offering 18GB data but at a more expensive RM150 price tag.


This Digi Postpaid 80 plan gives users 7GB data for weekdays and 3GB data for weekends. Unused data can be carried forward to the new month, just like Celcom but is limited to maximum of 2GB.

For users who use more data during weekdays should take up this package while users who needs more data for weekends, can opt for Celcom’s FIRST GOLD package.


According to the plan details, if you use up all data quota on this Digi postpaid 80 plan, you can also top up on Internet quota. RM10 gives you 8GB which lasts for 7 days. We think this is a really good deal.

More info of Digi’s new plan here: http://new.digi.com.my/postpaid-plans#planstabs

What do you think of this? Let us know in comments below.

  • Thomas

    Damn!!!! My Digi 148 plan only 7GB and cannot carry forward. Digi is cheater!!!!!!!! Why my 148 plan still getting 7GB???? Now Celcom 18GB and Maxis 9GB!!!! Digi time to get the fiasco now???? I want answer now!!!! I pay rm165 per month. Now call is free. Fuck!!!!

    • Sim Mei Lau

      Chill bro..now is the best time for consumer to choose which one suit them better coz all start throwing plan like crazy..
      Me ported to Celcom Gold when all the fuss started..for me RM 80 with 10GB which can carry forward..even Digi also follow this but only at 2GB wherelse celcom can go to 5GB which i dont think will happen coz always max up the data just at the end of the mth..their new plan..platinum seems interesting coz 18GB data..wow that’s mean surfing 24/7…

      • Alex Anderson

        yea..but now celcome no more carry forward ~ for the data which cannot finish how? means wasted lah .. i will rather chose yellow man now

        • Kathy

          How abt choosing a plan which suits ur data usage instead? I mean if u don’t use that much, then just buy a data plan with lower quota?

        • nurlizamohammad

          I heard that there is one first blue plan for celcom, its suitable for those who dont use a lot of data, the price is lower than rm50, quite affordable especially for students.

  • nurlizamohammad

    What is the most attractive feature for the latest plan offered by Celcom, First Gold plan?

    • Kathy

      First platinum could be better, if u’re a heavy data user

      • sweet nanie

        if not,then rugi lah?im i will not recommended Celcom First plan to my friend coz if we not able to finished the data then the data burn!and now no unlimeted SMS..how if we lost the connectivity?cannot Whatsapp too right?

        • Kathy

          FYI, first platinum means to have 60Gb of data, that’s what I mean by HEAVY. But if you don’t really rely on data all the time, perhaps u can try the First Gold, that is 20GB which I believe is quite a normal quota for people. And abt the connectivity, I would say its line is quite stable, so u wont lose ur connectivity easily, unless u don’t pay for that month, that would be another story lol.

        • Tahal khan

          it is not compulsory to have an unlimited SMS because not all the time we use SMS…they still modernization their coverage network for us…some more u able to join youtube as long as u want because u have a lot of data!for sure habis!

          • Raisha aziz

            That’s right. Unlimited SMS is not necessary. Nowadays people prefer to use Whatsapps and Telegram .

      • Tsumtsum

        Platinum can share their data to laptop or ur family also can
        If dont have wifi at home, it so suitable for them 60gb for RM150 only

        • Janet Pooi

          It’s especially suitable for those kind of people who share a house with other roommates. With this, they don’t have to share the cost of wifi with them dy as Celcom has provided data which is def enuf for our usage

    • Nurul Batrisya Airinna

      their plan similar like Digi and Maxis too…u better make the comparison…each of them got unlimited calls and Whatsapp too…but i heard Maxis stop their Spotify streaming…

      • Alex Anderson

        seriously ? im using celcome now btw,its quite not bad on their network and the data also ~ i dont see many diffrent from other company but celcome provide free social apps and yondermuzik , it’s really saved up quite amount of data each month

        • Janet Pooi

          Yes I’m the person who is really active in social apps, Celcom really helps me saving quite a lot of data by this feature.

    • edmund khoowj

      Celcom recently focus on giving huge data to their customers. With only RM80, you can enjoy 20GB of data, unlimited calls to all lines, unlimited streaming for Yonder music( which is similar to spotify if u unheard of it), and unlimited social chats.

      • nurlizamohammad

        Thank you for your sharing, perhaps celcom is a best choice for those who use a lot of data. I am considered as heavy user, maybe will consider of celcom plan after taking all benefits into considerations.

  • Norhaiza Alysha

    This plan suits sales executives well as they can access to unlimited calls and more data at a lower price.

    • Alex Anderson

      ya people working as sales can consider this too, some of the company also using this plan for their employees, the lowest one is actually enough for each, Rm80 for unlimited call*which employee really need this features) and also data to communicate with customer by sending every details

  • asunalai

    Anyone is using this plan? is this great?

    • Yi Sheng Chang

      look great too and also similer wif celco First Gold plan. i mean almost the same.

  • Ai Teng Tan

    the line always unstable play phone online game also lag like hell still so expensive?

  • Aleesya

    This Digi plan is similar with Celcom, the price also same , others features are almost same. Of course, with the multitude of options available for you from various broadband providers, it should be easy for you to get the best plan for yourself.

  • Aida

    Bear in mind that not all areas in Malaysia have a coverage and Celcom doesn’t disappoint. My opinion Celcom First is a great plan . Celcom has upgrade quota from 10gb to 20gb with same price

  • Haris

    With all the constant competition going on between Malaysia’s broadband providers, it’s hard to tell which one best suits your Internet needs.