Digi challenges Maxis & Celcom by offering 10GB data, unlimited calls for RM80

The telco war seems to be getting more exciting as Digi just launched a new RM80 plan that matches Celcom’s FIRST Gold package offerings. This move might affect Celcom, but Maxis is the bigger victim here as The green telco is still lacking behind with their expensive plans.

Note that Celcom also launched a new plan this morning, offering 18GB data but at a more expensive RM150 price tag.


This Digi Postpaid 80 plan gives users 7GB data for weekdays and 3GB data for weekends. Unused data can be carried forward to the new month, just like Celcom but is limited to maximum of 2GB.

For users who use more data during weekdays should take up this package while users who needs more data for weekends, can opt for Celcom’s FIRST GOLD package.


According to the plan details, if you use up all data quota on this Digi postpaid 80 plan, you can also top up on Internet quota. RM10 gives you 8GB which lasts for 7 days. We think this is a really good deal.

More info of Digi’s new plan here: http://new.digi.com.my/postpaid-plans#planstabs

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