Samsung Galaxy Note 6 specs leaked. Might come with curved screen, or not.

Based on the history of Galaxy Note announcements, Samsung should be unveiling the Note 6 around end Q3 this year. Funny thing is, the company is still deciding if they should launch the Note 6 with or without the curved screen.

According to the rumours, there are 2 versions of the Note 6 being tested currently to see which screen if more appropriate for the device that is made to take down important notes and sketches.


The screen may still be a mystery but the hardware specs has been leaked recently. According GSM Helpdesk, the device may feature a Snapdragon 823 chip or a new Exynos processor depending on the region, powered by a huge 4000mAh battery and 6GB of RAM.
To those who are into big screens, the Note 6 should come with a 5.8″ display.


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