Android users can now send & receive iMessage with PieMessage [video]

iMessage has always been Apple’s proprietary messaging platform between iOS and Mac.
A new open source project called PieMessage now enables Android users to communicate using the iMessage platform with iOS devices.

The developer of PieMessage, Eric Che today released the code on GitHub.


He also posted a video demonstrating how he uses PieMessage to send and receive iMessages from 2 other iPhones.

Basically what the Android client does is send the text to a macbook. And uses the Mac’s “Messages” app to send off the notification. When the Mac detects an incoming message, it will pass it back to the Android. So yes there is both software you need to run on a Mac and Android. I have an old 2007 macbook that is just always on connected at home that serves as its client…

According to the developer, PieMessage is still a work in progress and that it “can receive group messages, but sending has its limitations,”. He also mentioned that Apple may patch future OS versions that could break the app.