Google Nexus devices to get unlimited full quality photos & videos upload to Google Photos soon?

To those using Google Photos on Android, you might have received the latest 1.21 update. Although it didn’t come with any significant upgrades, it seems to come with a few lines of coding in the app that might bring good news to Nexus owners.

Photo: Google Nexus 6p by Huawei

As Android Police reported, the few lines of codes hint that Google is about to offer unlimited original quality photo and video backups for Nexus devices soon.

<string name=”photos_onboarding_nexus_back_up_your_photos”>With Nexus, back up all you want!</string>
<string name=”photos_onboarding_nexus_back_up_your_photos_description”>Unlimited free storage for original quality photos &amp; videos uploaded from your Nexus device</string>

Currently Google Photos only allow uploads of ‘high quality’ (not full original quality) visuals if users want to go with the unlimited storage option.

It is not sure if this unlimited full quality uploads will be applicable for current Nexus devices but this is definitely one more benefit for consumers when they get a Google branded Nexus device.

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