Pokémon GO coming to Malaysia? Hotlink & GRAB want to help you catch ’em all

Just yesterday, The Star Online reported some leaked photos showing a car with Pokemon designs and Hotlink & GRAB logos on it.

There isn’t any official announcements from Niantic that the augmented reality mobile game will be launching here in Malaysia but if the 2 companies are working together to promote this game, does that mean they have already communicated with the game developer and has been told the launch date secretly?


Just this morning, we have received an email invitation from Maxis to the launch of a certain “Hotlink X GRAB’ collaboration happening on Monday. This further strengthens the fact that the 2 companies are indeed working together to help users to catch them Pokemons.


If this is true, Pokemon GO might just be launching here in Malaysia in few days time.
Let’s all cross our fingers and hope it does appear on the App Stores soon!